white colored items to wear of the beach

I dont know why it is so taboo. Maybe its because women throughout society are taught that they have babies with no issues.

I know for me looking back and growing up they tell you how easy it is to get pregnant but we are never taught the other end.

There are so many days I do feel very alone in this journey because its not an open topic. No one truly understands the pain infertility causes. Not getting pregnant feels like a loss every month.

Its time to change society's perception and start talking about infertility publicly!!! I feel like the people I have met only open up once I say something. Im not ashamed of it. Do I wish I wouldnt have to do IVF for a maybe chance? of course. But infertility took me and my husband on a journey of adoption... white colored items to wear of the beach

Too my friends, if you ever need to talk to someone, Im here for you!