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Ok updates and then we're talking about sweat! I got the job at NCH Wellness Center. I hope to find out my start date and exactly the classes and times I'll be teaching so hopefully I'll have an update on that soon. I'm still moving forward with the Y so now I will get an email to select and orientation and then I can start to sub so its all coming together- now I just hope people like my classes and continue to come to them.

So let's talk about sweat: Many people believe that sweating means that you are burning more calories during a workout but that is not true at all! It doesn't even mean you're working harder!
Ok so what is sweat? "Its the body's way of cooling itself. There are two types of sweat glands: apocrine which are mostly contained to the underarms and groin area and is usually triggered by stress, anxiety and fluctuating hormones. Apocrine glands also produce a bacteria that helps to break it down but also causes that awful odor! The other type of sweat gland is eccrine. These are all over the body. We as humans have millions of sweat glands and how much is released depends on a number of factors such as: gender(men tend to sweat more than women); Age( younger people sweat more than older); outside/inside temperature; humidity; weight( larger people tend to sweat more because their bodies generate more heat); genetics and another interesting contributor is fitness level. Now, here's the surprising thing, people who are fitter sweat more but they sweat more earlier and easier because fit people are more efficient at regulating body temperature. When you start to sweat earlier the body cools faster, which releases extra body heat and allows you to work out harder for longer. On the other side of the coin if you don't sweat that much it doesn't mean that you aren't working hard or burning calories. It could just be your sweat is evaporating quickly may be due to air conditioning or wind outside. Sweat actually has more to do with dehydration than intensity so make sure you are drinking water to replenish water losses. wedding selections in purple
What to wear if you sweat a lot: Synthetic fibers like lycra and polyester can help you feel less sweaty because they pull the sweat from your skin to the outer layers of the clothes where moisture evaporates. A big drawback is that polyester smells more than cotton. Some other new fibers out there that resist odor are silver and gold well tiny nanoparticles, the problem is they are expensive and significant amounts of it wash out in water. The best thing to do is to wash in HOT water as hot as it can take and use a sport specific detergent." Interesting right? I saw this on CNN.
Ok off to work on getting ready to work-LOL!!