wedding pieces with detachable skirt

Hi ladies!! I'm having trouble looking for a wedding dress... I'm after a sweetheart neckline, corset back, strapless size 6-8 princess style! If you are selling one or know of anyone who is, I'm looking at buying one asap! I have a lot of DIYing for our wedding, time is tough for fittings. The style I'm looking for seems to be by old designers that have gone bankrupt or closed their doors. I'm willing to spend up to $500 as the ones in stores to be altered are also around $500 wedding pieces with detachable skirt
(Only thing in stores, they don't have much of a selection)

Could you please private message me if you have a dress that your willing to part with!


A picture of me in a friends dress - something similar to this is what I'm looking for :)