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Food that is bad for kidney disease
The kidneys play a role in regulating water, electrolytes, acid-base balance in the body, at the same time producing urine, and discharge the excess waste in the body out of the body. If the kidney failure, can not play the role of normal, healthy body will inevitably be affected. What is more serious is that if the renal tissue injury is not renewable, Kidney function is damaged seriously, so cause uremia.
Chinese doctors believe that ... kidney disease is actually a local manifestation of the kidney in all diseases. That is, if the kidneys are damaged, other organs of the body will suffer, and problems arise. It is important to see how healthy the kidney is
But these foods or matching, it will damage the kidneys, is not conducive to good health, see you in the action?
First, food mix: Seafood + beer
Eating seafood and drinking beer is a habit eaten by many people, but it is an unhealthy eating habit
Seafood such as fish, shrimp, shellfish and other purine containing substances such as relatively high; beer contains vitamin B1, is the catalyst of purine catabolism of purine metabolism. After generating large amounts of uric acid, resulting in increased uric acid levels, uric acid accumulation will lead to imbalance. A large number of high urine acidemia and gout, increase the burden on the kidneys and cause kidney damage. And uric acid itself will produce damage to the kidney. prom party wears specially designed for seventeen
Second kinds of diet: fried chicken + drink
Walking in the street to see the chicken and a variety of beverage stores everywhere, and are very popular. Whether it is fried chicken or drink all belong to high calorie, high fat food, the two kinds of food collocation is the worst for people's pursuit of health.
The fried food and contain large amounts of phosphorus and salt, fat, sweet drinks contain a lot of sugar, long eat can lead to high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes. At the same time these substances through the kidney to excrete. For renal insufficiency or kidney problems, will only aggravate the disease. Not because of momentary the greedy, causing serious consequences.
There are more popular some functional beverages are the main on the market, refreshing, anti fatigue function. The general is in the water with vitamins, glucose, minerals, electrolytes and other ingredients. There is a role for added strength, but long-term drinking will increase the burden on the kidneys. But children in the stage of development, but can not drink this kind of drink. Adults also drink less as well.

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