pieces with maroon color at party

Road trips used to be an excuse for me to pig out but I always noticed I struggled to stay awake and felt like crap ????

I guess the saying is true when you eat crap you feel like crap!

So what did I pack for our 2 day drive especially for someone who follows a Keto diet like I do? It's was last minute so we grabbed what we already had. pieces with maroon color at party


-hard boiled eggs
-cheese sticks
-mini baybel cheese
-flavored tuna in the bag
-Shakeology packets perfect for on the go
-watermelon and fresh pineapple for my girls
-nitrate free lunch meat and sliced pepperoni so I can roll it up and eat
-water, water and more water!
-low sugar beef jerky
-soy and wasabi flavored almonds! Have you tried these they are like crack for me ????
-carrot sticks for my girls (too many carbs for me)

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