one shoulder asymmetrical wedding selections

Surgeon said yesterday my cuboid bone is definitely broken, the X-rays showed the break more clear than last week & it's a clean break all the way through. After talking to her & the ER doctor the evening I broke it I found out it this is one of the rarest places people break their foot & it's usually caused by stress in runners & athletes, very seldom is it a traumatic break such as mine because of where the bone is located & that makes it a little more difficult to heal. We also found out I also have nerve damage to my dorsal nerve along the top of my foot... the broken bone pairing with the nerve damage means 6-12 more weeks in the boot then we go from there, what she does as far as surgery or cast will depend on how the nerve damage heals or betters & how the bone itself looks then. She placed me on crutches along with the boot because she said any pressure on my foot puts the nerve at risk for more damage & may further displace the bone worsening the break. Just filling in those who care & those who have taken time to ask & check on me! one shoulder asymmetrical wedding selections