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Q: Hello doctor, I have a question for my daughter yesterday we had dinner outside after coming back home my daughter complaining about having stomach ache and at night she vomitted and after that she vomitted 2 more times. I gave her Ondem syrup for vomiting and Crocin for fever. Now... bit.ly/1oyKRGj

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# Ayurveda : Hello, give her very light food to take like only moong daal water (by adding little hing, jeera, lemon juice), dalia in watery form, or soup by adding litle black pepper, black salt. This itself helps in stomach problem. Take 3-4 leaves of mint (pudina), 1 green elachi, 2 munakka and make grind it into a paste form by adding half spoon of water. This is a magical recipe for... on sale wedding wear options in pink color bit.ly/1oyKRGj

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