not long items with white lace decorated

Positive reflections on Saturday 12th August...

1. Waking up about three minutes before the physio assistant came, which wasn't ideal by any means, but at least I was coherent and 'with it' for her arrival, even though I was still in my pyjamas.
2. After getting dressed more quickly than I have in a long while I worked hard at my physio and can already feel the effort from it in my thighs. My calves would most likely be telling me about it too only I can't feel my lower legs and feet so much.
3. The physio assistant is lovely and she is an amazing and determined woman, mostly self educated and about to start a degree!
4. An amazingly lovely card in the post from my SW consultant.
5. A row of crochet this afternoon and another tonight.
6. A short trip to Jesmond Dene with Katinka just to get a breath of air as I'm still not well. Katinka seemed to want a short trip too, though she had definitely needed to go out because she was going loopy in the house.
7. A surprise visit from one of my favourite carers at teatime. She's recently left the agency for a new job, but she's doing the occasional cover shift just on this run. It was fab to see her.
8. A very lovely visit from the very lovely Jenny. It was wonderful to see you and have a matter, lovely lady. Looking forward to a crafternoon sometime.
9. Lots of sleepy Katinka cuddles this evening.
10. Buki is a gem and so caring, and she's tucked me up in bed with a hot water bottle for my feet, a hot pack for my chest pain (don't panic. The doctor knows about it), an apple to try to sustain my blood sugar through the night, and a lovely cup of tea. not long items with white lace decorated
11. I am being cuddled by Nurse Katinka.