non white wedding dresses

What to wear and how to present? Difficult decision to make…..with family!

This question is often a friction point due what my younger daughter who studied Psychology calls as “Parental blindness” to the independence of decision making of the gen next!

After little feeble argument, I agree recalling my own fight with my father during my teen days when we longed to wear colored lungi, whereas ‘Anu and Bappa’ (father and uncle in Konkani) wanted us to wear white Mundu (Lungi).

So, history repeats!

I used to argue with my daughters when they preferred cropped hairstyle or preferred not to wear Bindi. As a doting father ultimately, I yield to their decision about themselves. All in our family have some common preferences – cotton dress, khadi, non-flashy, earthy hues, simple or no jewelry!. non white wedding dresses

Here we are as family, after having a hearty dinner with friends, colleagues and acquaintances, few meeting after 15 - 18 years, after the wedding reception of Nagabhushan, son of friend and coll Vivekanand Salimath and Shobha Salimath yesterday.