mother of the bride or groom dresses in gold color

On soul travel and spiritual landscape.
He slept and the bird of his soul escaped its prison.
Leaving behind the musician and his instrument, it set itself free.
Thus it became free from the body and free from the torture of the world.
Roaming in the universe of tranquility, in the middle of a spiritual landscape. mother of the bride or groom dresses in gold color
His soul in that world said:
If they would leave me as i please in these surroundings,
I would look all around, without needing eyes.
I would pick roses and flowers, without using hands.
I would travel all over, without needing feet or wings.
I would eat sweets, without needing a mouth or teeth.
I would sit in Zikr and Fikr sessions with the inhabitants of
Yonder, without being subject to headaches and worries.
Because this earth and these skies, in spite of their immensity, are so narrow,
That they have torn my heart in sorrow
Yet, the world they have shown to me
Has opened up my eyes to its greatness.
If that world and the way to it were accessible,
Not one second would anyone remain down here.