long and white pieces to wear

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Hello, we have recently noticed my daughter mentioning a stomach ache after eating certain things with dairy in them and also her eczema has returned. So we are thinking we need to try to eliminate dairy. She is currently gluten free, which did help with skin and sleep! "Eczema" started to appear off and on around 6 months old. Was still only breast feeding- I eliminated dairy from my diet. Eczema returned off and on but never seemed to bothe long and white pieces to wear ... r her.
My main question is what might be a good supplement to get more protein in her? She refuses to eat anything "alive" so no meats and is picky in general about foods/textures. Was hoping to find something to add into things she will consume. Just not sure what protein supplement is best for what.
She is 4.5 yo non-vax but does have strong family history of autoimmune issues: crohns (father), asthma, allergies, etc. epilepsy (maternal aunt), autism (cousin- mothers side) both sides also have some lactose issues (father, maternal uncle). So we thought best to be cautious- luckily found awesome doc who supported our choice**

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