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***Call for Nominations for Senior Ldr Enlisted Commissioning Program - AD Scholarship (SLECP-A) (USAFWC/A1 Suspense: 30 Aug 17)***

1. Each Wing/Directorate may nominate up to one (1) qualified candidate for the Senior Leader Enlisted Commissioning Program - Active Duty Scholarship (SLECP-A) NLT 30 Aug 17. Nominees should not only meet the minimum qualifications but possess strong leadership abilities and potential. USAFWC/CC will in turn make a selection and nominate no more than (1) qualified candidate to ACC. lavender wedding dresses

2. DISCUSSION: SLECP-A is for candidates who DO NOT possess a Bachelor's Degree, but completed at least 24 semester hours or equivalent by the end of the SLECP selection window with plans for completing a Bachelor's degree within 3 years. This program provides an opportunity for enlisted Airmen to complete their degree while on an active duty status. After graduation, the
Airman will attend Officer Training School (OTS) to earn their commission.


- Enlisted Airman and US citizen between 18 and 34 years of age
- Meet eligibility factors for appointment in commission IAW AFI
36-2005, para 2.1 (Atch 1)
- Candidates who do not possess a Bachelor's Degree, but completed at least 24 semester hours or equivalent by the end of the SLECP selection
window with plans for completing a Bachelor's degree within 3 years
- Obtained admission to an accredited school with associated or affiliated cross-town AFROTC agreement for accountability and administrative
- The accredited school's yearly tuition falls within $18,000 or less a year
- Minimum AFOQT score of 10 quantitative and 15 verbal

- Must be medically qualified for continued enlistment, commissioning, and cleared for worldwide duty
- Must not have medical Assignment Limitation Codes of ALC-C1, ALC-C2; or ALC-C3
- Must not have AF Form 469 with duty Limiting Condition Report describing duty limitation or exemption from any component for Fitness

c. SELECTION CRITERIA: In addition to eligibility requirements listed above, Senior Raters may also consider (but are not required/limited by):
- Outstanding job performance as an Airman
- Demonstrated leadership potential
- Exemplifies AF core values
- Desire/motivation to serve as an officer
- Superior communication skills
- Ability to succeed in an academic environment

3. NOMINATION PACKAGE: Due to USAFWC/A1, 30 Aug 2017. Late nominations will NOT be accepted. All nomination packages must be in a single PDF format. Each nomination package must submitted as one PDF file in the following order:
a. SLECP Nomination Worksheet
b. Current official photo (full length in service dress)
c. All Enlisted Performance Reports (EPRs) and Training Reports
d. Letter of Recommendation from HQ ACC Director/NAF Commander/Wing Commander (dependent upon nominee's Senior Rater) on performance and core values
e. Personal essay on desire to serve as a commissioned officer (limited to one single spaced page using Time Roman 12 font, 1-inch margin all the way around)
g. Air Force Fitness Management System (AFFMS) printout
h. Transcripts from all colleges attended to include Community College of the Air Force (note: official transcripts will be required if selected)
i. AFOQT score (Minimum score of 10 quantitative; 15 verbal / Minimum PCSM score of 10; AFOQT score of 25 Pilot, AFOQT score of 25 CSO/rated)
j. College acceptance letter (on official university letterhead)
k. Degree completion map (Atch 4) completed and signed by university counselor and ROTC detachment
l. If requesting a waiver of any condition outlined in AFI 36-2013, Table 1.1 (Atch 2), a waiver letter (template in Atch 3) must be submitted
with the nomination package
*Note: All conditions listed in AFI 36-2013, Table 1.1, except those rules requiring Surgeon General input, can be waived

4. Nominated Airmen will be contacted to complete an interview with USAFWC/CCC on or about the week of 11 September 2017.

5. Once an Airman is selected by ACC, the COMACC will determine the officer Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) the selectee will serve in after completion of OTS. Projected AFSC classification is limited to Line of the Air Force
AFSCs. Selectees identified to serve in the following AFSCs: 13C, 13D, 13L, 71S, or 92T must also have an alternate AFSC identified. Please refer to the current Air Force Officer Classification Directory (AFOCD) maintained on MyPers for the minimum requirements for each AFSC.

Standing by for questions or concerns.

Deputy Director, Manpower & Personnel (A1)