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MUD(2012) starring Matthew McConaughey

Thanks Target for the DVD sale of this movie. i got the chance watching another good story about friendship. i was given a fresh take on an actually very familiar recipe(thanks to the writer and director, Jeff Daniels), my eyes struggled darting between the good and bad especially that the preponderances of the writer's good intentions were pointed in yet amidst seemingly convuluted character types.

what exactly roused my interest was Matthew McConaughey's departure from the usual goode-goodey roles he used to play. here, he almost was completely deglamorized but gave solid impression of a fugitive on the run for his life and search for his lost girlfriend. what wielded so much power to his interpretation of the character ravaged beyond repair but found solace in young adolescent man who did most things in his behalf was his ferocity attacking the role which to this date remains one of his best. latest chic prom wears with lace

the writer's an epitome of an incredible talent who took down his peg rewriting a fairly used plot and translating it into like a whole new story. the goodbye scene was so stripping to the bone like taking me away from the social milieu to cry it on my own.

i take pride seeing a movie which once again goaded me to try to move on after a fall and rack up life's significance though all appearing like sprawls.(0BP)