lace decorated items of the long garments

~High School Roleplay, I guess. Heh.
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Your character can be a boy or girl but understand that my character is romantically attracted to women.

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It's only been a day after Michaela Crawford's funeral, and life didn't stop for anyone. Not even Cherri. Even though her mother's funeral was just the day before, she still forced herself up at four in the morning to prepare breakfast for her father before he woke up.

She rushed to make breakfast and get ready for school. She couldn't move as fast as she wanted because her whole body was aching. Bruises scattered along her legs. There were more on her arms as well along with a few cuts; there was a ring around her neck and her face didn't look any better. There was a big bruise forming on the girl's forehead and she had a black eye. Her father Richard was abusive. He enjoyed using his daughter as a punching back, and his wife too before she passed away. lace decorated items of the long garments

The story is that the poor woman was killed during an attempted robbery on their home; but Cherri knew what really happened.

Her goal was to have breakfast done and to be out of the house before her father woke up, and she was already dressed with a long sleeve shirt and pants, standing in front of the bathroom mirror applying makeup to her face and neck to cover the bruises. Cherri grabbed her bookbag and gave the pancakes, bacon, and eggs she cooked one last check before leaving the house. She thought about getting some herself, but she wanted to get to school as soon as possible.

Cherri only lived up the street from her high school; it was a five minute walk. Once she was inside amd walking towards her locker, Cherri was showered with sympathy because of her mother's death from several students. Everyone knew by now. She gave them a small thank you and when she got to her locker, she just rested against it and closed her eyes. The redhead was exhausted.

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