lace coverd with long sleeve items to wear of the wedding

Opening scene
Stephanie hangs from her arms when she awakens from her sleep she belts and exhaustedly screams for mercy when freddy cuts corners to hush stephanie he takes his glove and presses it against her lips cutting her tongue in two. Blood leaks from stephanies mouth. She awakens from her sleep at home with her menstrual. Stephanie throws her sheets back and unsettled she grabs her tooth brush turns on the faucet looking down and up she sees freddy in the mirror. He takes her head and smashes it against the mirror where it portals deep like water and stephanie struggles to catch her breath. "Stephanie? Are you ok?" Stephanies mom asks "Yeah, I think I'm still asleep." Stephanie replies.
"well wash your face or you'll be late." Her mother demands. "I got my period!" Stephanie screams just before her mother vanishes. Reappearing mother hands stephanie a napkin. Stephanie jumps in the shower regurlarly as she would any day. The waters temperature heats up the bathroom a fog. "Mom?" Stephanie yells from the shower. "Honey, hurry or you'll be late!" "Mom!?" "Wake up." Stephanie awakens from her sleep back at Freddy's layer. "Hey, freddy you think you should spruce up the place!" Stephanie suggest. Stephanie transitions back at home in the shower. "Mom, could you get me an extra towel?" Freddy hands stephanie a towel, stephanie screams at the sight of Freddy's claw. "You monster!" She screams at him. Stephanies slips on her feet. Falls and hits her head on the bathroom floor. Causing her to fall into a coma snooze. "Watch your step stephanie." Freddy's warning "What do you want?" Stephanie ask as she grips her bathroom towel. "You're a sleep." Freddy's reminder. "Yeah well, I'll get up soon, someone will wake me." Stephanies confident.
Stephanie wakes up at the hospital. Freddy as nurse "sweet heart, you know you should really get up, or you'll be late" - transitioning back at home - "stephanie, you'll be la-" mom interrupted. stephanie grips her toothbrush glancing back at her mom, "Mom you said that already, or that I'd be" It's freddy momma he's been here before this is where it happens. I fell then! Stephanie falls on her ass then shows up at Freddy's layer. "You're the one that comes here, stephanie. Need I remind you you're in my world now." "Fascinating, her pupils are dialated." A doctor over looking stephanie. " Momma, it was freddy!" ("What is your relationship to Krueger?") Co-star!
Stephanie wakes up in a night terror where freddy is comforting her like her mother before. "Get off of me!" Stephanie screams. "Shut up, bitch!" Freddy slaps stephanie across the face with his claw. Stephanie wakes up taking place in a still white heaven like based room. Stiff white noise breaks the silence. She peaks from the bedroom she's never been in before whimpers a hello? She makes her way down a stair case passing the entree. "Hello." An unfamiliar face greets her. "Did you just say hello?" "Yeah." "Say it again." The doors shut in stephanies face she begins to bang on the one again and again where the man greeted her. "Hey!" She hears him screaming in terror. "Hey!, open this door now! I mean it." Stephanies motherly plea. The wind breaks the doors entree knocking the flaps of the screen doors in and out. Stephanie enters the room where the odd man greeted her. The television a fuzz and the chandelier crystalized and fire like. "Hey!" she spins. Bumping into the man. She's telling him "you have dots all over your face." He grabs a mask. "You play?" She ask he puts on the mask grabs stephanie by her waist and prompts her on his shoulders. "Hey! Put me down!" Stephanie wiggles until she sees freddy behind jason. "Pick me up, pick me up!" lace coverd with long sleeve items to wear of the wedding
Are you kidding me krueger? I do this in my sleep now!