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How to pass a drug test....

Yes, Certo does work. You need to get a gatorade that is yellow, like citrus or lemon lime. Dump some gatorade out a little and add the liquid Certo to your bottle. Chug it down, fill the bottle back up with h2o and drink that. Drink as much water as you can within about an hour or two before the test. Make sure you take some vitamin b or a multivitamin to make your urine yellow. Make sure you pee at least three times. It doesn't have to be a lot j ... ust enough to start getting the clear urine out. Don't wait longer than 2 hours before taking the test. I waited one hour and passed. I am about to take another one again and plan to do it again. I have heard that doing the Certo the night before and again the next day can make the results come out even better. Make SURE YOU ARE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. I would recommend that you don't eat after about 5 the night before if your gonna do it the night before and then nothing the next day at all. It also depends on your weight. If you are very big your chances are lower and you might want to do it twice. I did it just one time on an empty stomach and I passed. I am on legal meds. I take two different pain meds and also anxiety meds and non of it showed. I did the Certo because I didn't want to have to explain that I had to take Narcotics on a daily basis in fear that I wouldn't get the job. I did however take my meds with me and disclosed I was prescribed it. It works for Marijuana too since my friend who is a heavy smoker is the one who told me about Certo. Good Luck. Make sure you take a vitamin to make your urine yellow or they may get suspicious and it also keeps your urine from being so diluted. You have to drink all the gatorade, the water in the gaterade plus 6 bottles of water. You will be good. junior suitable items of the party to wear

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