items with 3 4 sleeve to wear of the wedding

Come to me my love donning nothing but your love
let me see the soft silkiness of your supple skin
I want to gaze at your lovely curves without hindrance
come lay beside me and allow my fingers to grace body
taste my lips as my want becomes ever growing


you feel the power surging in my arms as they wrap you
the heat I radiate is most intoxicating
your breathing is becoming labored at the thoughts we share
your body is singing for me to ravage you senseless
pulling you close against my hard sculpted body you purr

my kitten, you stir every fantasy I've ever imagined
mouth on mouth, my passion begins here
and oral orgasm. kissing so sensual your body melts
your mind has the dumb and your soul tingles
that is but the first taste of my tongue

I will lick your breasts suckling from each nipple til hard
a pinch, a twist, that subtle twinge of luscious pain
hardened and erect just as I am
you feel my prowess rub thick against your leg
a sigh escapes your lips as you loose yourself to thought

your flower ticks and pulses ready to blossom
petals pealed back, ripe and oozing juices it glistens
an ultimate temptation I am drawn in by your essence
I lick. and you gasp. and we fall to a rhythm and grind
ferociously devouring your sweet succulent rose

now bursting hard and in need of release I enter you
sliding all the way in coated by silken cream
pulling slowly back out to just barely together touching
and I push in slow and deep and again. and again. and again. items with 3 4 sleeve to wear of the wedding
your body writhes under my touch and we move as one

our dance. my lead, your follow. we dance faster and faster
pounding bodies, smacking flesh, we are fevered in our lust
taking each other higher, and higher as we near our pinnacle
moans have turned to cries of utter bliss as we explode
burning in an impassioned flame lost in the wake of love...


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