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Cruise to the Bahamas, the Queen Mary, Oingo Boingo, Cocktail Party in Long Beach, & Valentines Day

(1) Request from George on the lower part of Sycamore Avenue in Clifton, but it’s his girlfriend - running late - has to go home to Morton, get dressed, & get to class at DCCC.

(2) Pick up Jiaqi, his wife, & 5-year-old daughter, family, in Swarthmore - flying to Miami, then taking a cruise to the Bahamas - little bit of a language barrier - very nice family - the 5-year-old & I wave bye-bye at the airport.

(3) Pick up Chris on Taylor Driver in Delmar Village, white guy, mid-20s - going to work at Crozer Hospital in Chester - not a doctor or nurse - he’s one of those guys who has to be right about everything - so this becomes a game of wits for me. I say things that can’t be topped to see how he handles it - he changes the subject. That said, nice guy - but over-matched.

(4) Pick up Iristyle in Chester, black girl, 20s, very nice - I’m afraid to try her name - dental tech, going to work in Newtown Square - we take the scenic route up Ridley Creek Road & over Bishop Hollow - very nice girl.

(5) Pick up Phil at Tavola - Springfield Country Club - white businessman, guessing early 50s - from Pittsburgh but lives in Long Beach, California - mention we had a Holiday shindig on the Queen Mary in Long Beach during the ’80s - with Oingo Boingo - pretty sure Rosie ( Roseanna Cipriano Dibrienza ) took that picture with my g/f at the time, Ree, in Long Beach.

His company works with hospitals to improve their stature from the eyes of their patients - works out that insurance companies withhold a portion of their payments to the hospitals - they send surveys to the patients - if the results don’t come back with 9s & 10s, the hospitals don’t get the rest of the money - I didn’t know that - drop him at Crozer Hospital.

(6) Pick up Chante in Brookhaven - gorgeous black girl, 20, petite but a sweet package - a health science student at PIT - the old Notre Dame of Moylan private Catholic school - sharp girl.

(7) Pick up Michael at the Days Inn at the cloverleaf near Granite Run, white guy, 20 - not wearing a jacket, not carrying anything, & no suitcase - & he’s going to Spring City - “Why in hell are you going to Spring City?”

Here comes the romantic part - picking up his girlfriend, then they’ll drive back - he rented a room & has all sorts of Valentine’s gifts & surprises in store - they’ll drive back later - sharp guy, manages a CVS.

This is the Rich Diesel DiMarcello ’s neck of the woods. Looks a lot different than the last time I was there - probably 30 years ago.

Back in 1959, coach Mike DeNoia accepted an invitation to play in the inaugural Spring-Ford high school basketball tournament - he picked that tournament because there were only four teams in the field & that guaranteed us two games - even if we lost the first game - we were a bad team & lost both games - so the next year, Spring-Ford invited us back & scheduled us for a first-round match-up - figured they’d kick our ass & easily advance to the finals - but guess what? - we knew what they were planning, but we were much better than the years before - Butch McBreen, Buck Hamil, & myself were outstanding in that tournament - beat their asses in the first round & won the tournament in the second round - sweet success. ( holiday cocktail dresses Betty Lou Krauss Schwab Gary Gerber )

(8) Pick up Aarika in Royersford - chunky white girl, under 30 - from a bad section of Chester - moved to get her 8-year-old daughter out of the ghetto environment - short ride - drop her at Primo Hoagies.

Pack it in to drive to Media to pick up the renewal for my carry-permit - find a spot right in front of the courthouse - only one in line - 5 minutes in & out.