high-low prom party garments

The Bible talks about saints of God being modest. We know that some saints are conservative in their dress and some are more fashion forward. Yes God sees our heart but let's also remember that we are governed by God's standards and not by what the world says is ok. Countless times I have been in services where I was distracted from worship because it can be hard to focus when a worship leader has her boobs on display or something soooo tight and short that you almost see the 'promised land'. Don't leave the fellas out, some of the men's pants are so tight that you blatantly see the pogo stick. Being relevant to today's times doesn't mean we forsake biblical principles and guidelines. I'm not saying the dress has to be to the floor or a woman can't wear pants, etc. It's a matter of things being soooo tight and sooo short that it takes away from the intended focus which is not your outfit nor your shape but it's about pointing to Jesus. Wisdom and the guiding of the Holy Spirit should influence how a leader carries and presents him or herself in the presence of Gods people.We need to stay within boundaries. Is it about you or about Christ? Don't be a hindrance to your own ministry. Common sense should tell you if you can wear it to a party or a club setting, it's not suitable for God's house. To the men, stop squeezing your jewels in these Oh so tight pants. We don't care to see your moose knuckles. Not cool at all. SOMEBODY NEEDED TO SAY IT. THE END! high-low prom party garments