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So today I literally was asked by 6 different people about what I did to lose weight and they seemed to be genuinely interested for themselves so here you all go ..

Basically I've been going through a lot and I just said fuck this I need to
Lose weight ... I started slowly because I was so out of shape so for a couple of weeks I did girly push ups all day .. I didn't set a goal for sets of push ups I set a goal on how many to do by the end of the day and that goal was 100 a day ( I do about 250 regular ones now ) I completely cut out sugary drinks Sunday - Thursday ( Friday is my cheat day) as far as food goes I cut back
On things I usually ate and stopped going out to eat completely ( I'm sorry but for one , it's expensive and two it's just not good for you to do all the time ) I cook my own food now and I load it up with more garlic than usual ... half an hour to an hour before every meal I take a shot of apple cider vinegar which SUCKS ! I'm not even going to lie about it man , it SUCKS !!!! You really have to down the shot fast though because it's not good for your teeth so I down it like it's a drinking competition and then immediately chug water until the taste is gone ...

The hardest part for me was the first two weeks with the food because I was such a fatass that my body rejected not eating as much ... I didn't starve myself by any means but I definitely didn't over eat AT ALL... cook a meal ? Only eat one plate , no more seconds ... leg lifts , planks , push ups and sit ups are all you need to start with .. your body will begin to lose weight rather rapidly but the thing is that you really have to do it every day ... never change the cheat day because you throw your body off a bit .... and that was just the first month and a half ... after that period I had lost 20 lbs and stopped losing weight so I had to switch it to something a little different ... ( I'm actually on my third version of my diet and the next one is my last one which I will stick to indefinitely ) my whole goal was to continuously shock my body into losing weight ...

Version 2 - month 2-3 -----
Breakfast - 4 hard boiled eggs with 3 yolks removed ( protein ) I would put a shot of hot sauce on the eggs for flavor and it helps your metabolism as well ... lunch I had a foot long subway sandwich ( yes it works ) I did the Black Forest ham footlong with tons of lettuce ... for dinner just some baked lemon chicken and some pasta but not a lot ... and I did that for a month along with more intense work out ( I didn't try to get more intense , it just got boring doing my regular one because I got so accustomed to it ) and I never stopped the apple cider vinegar

Version 3 which I am on now is completely different than the first two with the exception of the apple cider vinegar ... at this point I was down 45 lbs

Intermittent fasting - you fast for 16 hours straight ( water is fine to drink ) still doing the push ups and sit ups and all but I didn't eat breakfast and when it comes to lunch it depends on if I was going to the gym because of the time I would get home .. if I go to the gym I get home at 8-9 instead of 6 so on those days I eat a huge lunch at 2pm and it's literally whatever I want to eat ... then I'd go to the gym and my "meal" was a protein shake which is either muscle milk or one called lean meal , whichever one was there ... on days that I don't go to the gym I would just come home and cook whatever I wanted to eat . Keep in mind that at this point , no matter what , I had already been doing some form of exercise throughout the day and not just a little bit . And still I take shots of apple cider vinegar but I took it down to one shot a day by now ... and during this time which I'm at right now I'm down 70 lbs ... guest wears for winter wedding

My day

Morning wake up - 5 am - push ups , sit ups , planks and wall sits apple cider shot ---all done and finished by 5:45 .. shower , get dressed by 6:30 and then take a nap till I leave for work ..

9 pm I get to work and if I was at the gym the night before , I drink a protein shake for breakfast , if I wasn't at the gym I just drink a bottle of water and wait till 2 for lunch ..

10 pm . I start doing my work and EVERY SINGLE TIME I have a free 5 mins I do a set of push-ups or planks .. EVERY SINGLE TIME ! It's not the amount you do that counts it's the fact that you do it period ... and I try to do as many as I can until 1 where I have to be stuck doing a job that sucks so I can't work out anymore

2pm if I'm going to the gym that night I think of what I wanna eat and I order two of them , whatever it is , if I'm not going to the gym then I'm still waiting for myself to get home before I eat ... now this isn't starving yourself , starving yourself is when you don't eat all day every day and only eat the tiniest portions when you do eat ... NO this isn't what I'm doing at all . My meals wheather it's 2 pm or 6pm are probably around 2500-3500 calories ... your body will get used to that and instead of storing food as fat when you finally eat , it burns it for energy and you metabolism speeds up a lot too .. my diet plan is on my mind every single second of the day every single day .. it's difficult to stick to any diet but once you're in it , it gets easier ... I'm never super hungry anymore and I can literally feel my body digesting and using the food as energy ...

A couple of things that have not changed about my three plans so far are as follows

Apple cider vinegar is still done

Work out slowly got more and more intensified and now I'm in the gym 2-4 times a week for about an hour -2 hours ...

Still I don't try to have many sugar drinks if I can avoid it and I don't drink alcohol at all but of corse I made the exception for my birthday lol but yeah that's just empty calories and don't help you at all ... and I drink as much water as I possibly can which sucks because then you pee like a drunk constantly but it really helps ..