garments with black lace for wedding ceremony

Funny thing happen today! We are in Kohls buying clothes for my daughter and my wife is dealing with the situation. I'm on the phone dealing with work and my son is sitting on the couch in front of the changing room. As I'm standing there doing business I listen to the lady coming out of the dressing room ask my son to watch her room. Again, I'm standing away from him and she has no idea that I'm his father. He does his job with the eyes of a soldier watching the White House! I'm now curious what could happen next. She comes out with jeans on and asks him if the length is correct. He bends over and looks at the length and let's this middle age women know that it's all good with those shoes. Now I'm laughing inside, how the hell my 9 year old son knows that the jeans work with those heels( he was right on, the shit looked good) so now we are ready to leave and the lady walks up to my son and gives him a 5 dollar tip for the hard work. Shattuck's are always working!!!!!!!! garments with black lace for wedding ceremony