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BENEFITS: Promotes deep relaxation and assists with restful sleep allowing the body to heal and repair itself.

INDICATIONS: Sleep provides an important time for the body to refuel, heal and reset our circadian rhythms. But many of us suffer from insomnia, or restless sleep, often waking multiple times during the evening and feeling tired and depleted by morning.
Vibrant Blue Oils Sleep blend is formulated from oils known for their gentle sleep inducing effects. Sleep blend ... has also been found beneficial when used with children that have frequent nightmares.

HOW TO USE IT: Designed for aromatic and topical use. If using topically, we recommend applying 2 -3 drops to the back of neck or bottom of the feet at bedtime. Or apply to a cotton ball and put inside pillowcase. For insomnia apply to navel, legs and neck. Always test on a nickel sized portion of skin first. Make sure your skin can handle the oil/blend before using. Dilute to start or if any redness occurs. For Aromatic Usage, hold the bottle under nose for 3 or 4 breaths. fall season bridesmaid collections

WHEN TO USE IT: To aid with relaxation, falling asleep or staying asleep. Apply before bedtime or as needed through the night.

INGREDIENTS: Vibrant Blue Oils Symptom Support Sleep blend contains a proprietary formulation of Orange, Tangerine, Lime, Patchouli, Blue Tansy, Spikenard, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Chamomile and Citronella.

PRODUCT TIPS: Beneficial for children who have frequent nightmares. Can calm and relax anxiety during air travel.

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