cocktail styled items to wear of the wedding

Although my son Billy does not do F/B and his Birthday is still an hour away I want to share Happy Birthday wishes to him for his many friends to see. He has had a rough time since 1993 when he was almost killed in a motorcycle accident. It almost, but didn't, take his leg, broke nearly every bone in his body, spent months in the hospital and therapy and during the last 23 years has had over 25 surgeries. He has suffered much emotional and physical pain and still does on a daily basis. He has gone through an emotional roller coaster which many do not understand yet through it all he always seems to have a smile on his face and is always trying to assure us that he is ok. He actually worries more about us than he does himself..I love him with all my heart and wish I could make it all better but know I can't. I will relay your birthday wishes to him as, like I said, he just can't handle F/B even though he has a page. I love you Billy Happy Birthday. cocktail styled items to wear of the wedding <3 <3 <3 Mom