cocktail items to wear of the online market

So love my lyrics
These guys with pickup lines got me laughing all dang nightthey ask you out to pick around man thats whatboys are like so why do they have the right to have a little fun and leave your side
For nine months shes all alone broke down cryinv about to have one of her own the boy had left when she had told him didnt believe she said why do i try to tell you the truth your so toxic and i dont need the abuse you're so lost
For 3 months a girl was faithfull never did a thing to hurt his ego he gave her crap she put up with that was the same fight she could never win
He said a girl and him were just friends broke upwith girl he had been with the other ho dang she was a broke ass joke she texted the girl and said he was messin used her for sex and played with her heart why do they have to creep to cheat just be honest and dont waist our time cocktail items to wear of the online market