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Episode 4
"I'm afraid, we just lost him." The Doc declared.
"What?!" Mansa shouted.
"Doc, please tell me it's a lie, how? She continued as
Kuu held her by the shoulder to console her.
"We tried all we could. I'm really sorry for his lose", the champagne cocktail dress
Doc confirmed and left Kuu and Mansa at the OPD.
Mansa cried so much that she couldn't hold herself.
It was even difficult for Kuu to comfort her.
He had no option than to drive her home. Chris and his
mother by then were already home.
Aside all they had done, they were reading and sharing
the bible together.
Kuu and Mansa arrived and saw them at the living
room. Mansa on the other hand couldn't bare the pain,
all she did was to ran into her room and lock herself up
leaving Kuu behind.
This got the attention of Chris and his mother.
"What is wrong with that girl, has she lost her manners
or what? She just walked pass me without even
greeting me", Mrs. Amposah complained.
"Mum, don't blame her, she is in pain, she just lost her
friend Elvis, the one we saw at church the other time"
Kuu intervened.
"Oh so sorry for her, but it still does not justify her
actions, I'm the one taking care of her. Even the bible
says ''let the dead burry the dead' " Mrs. Amponsah
"What! Mum, is this really coming from you, come on,
she is really hurt" Kuu said and walked out on his
mother leaving her and Chris who refused to utter a
word about this whole issue.
Mansa stayed in her room all day weeping. It even took
Kuu to bring her meal which she actually refused to
Somehow she actually blamed herself for the death of
Elvis. She thought if Elvis hadn't driven her home, all
this misfortune wouldn't have happened.
It was out of his kind gesture that this tragedy had
Maybe her foster mother was right, she thought. She
should have stayed away from Elvis. At least he would
have been alive by now.
Mansa blamed herself. She knelt down beside her bed
at that moment and look up to her roof and began
praying with tears in her eyes.
"God, why am i going through this, forgive me for my
sins. I pray that you grant Elvis a resting place. Forgive
me father for i know i am the cause of this, forgive me."
She prayed.
Time ran fast and soon it was half past eighteen hours.
Mansa had forgotten she had a prayer meeting that
As the head of the prayer group, her presence was
required at the prayer meeting.
It had escaped Mansa due to the current situation she
was in.
Riri called her to verify if she was going to make it.
On phone:
Riri: "Hello Mansa, where are you, we are here waiting
for you"
Mansa : " I'm sorry Riri, i can't make it, let some one
take over from me"
Riri: "why? what's wrong with you, this unusual of you.
Mansa: " we will talk about it later, kindly do me that
favor ok. Let someone take over".
Riri: "You really surprise me, fair enough, will do just
that. Will call you later."
She said that and quickly hanged up.
Riri didn't stop there, she immediately called Mrs.
Amposah to inform as she usually does.
Mrs. Amposah got upset and quickly went into Mansa's
"Young lady, what are you still doing when you are
supposed to be at church? She aggressively asked.
"Mum, I'm sorry but i can't make it today" said Mansa.
"Look, you better dress up and get ready for church
before i pounce on you. Have you lost it, what do you
think i have been bringing you up for?" she said.
Mansa quickly got up and began dressing. Mrs
Amposah was about leaving Mansa's room when she
remembered that she had left her purse in her room.
She then asked Mansa to fetch it for her while she went
and waited for her at the living room.
In no time, Mansa brought the purse to her and
returned to her room to finish up dressing.
Mrs. Amposah opened her purse and suddenly her
facial expression changed.
It appeared that she had lost her money. She
immediately called Mansa back to ask her.
"Hey where is the Ghc600 i kept in the purse?" she
"Mum, I ..." Mansa said but before she could finish
speaking, Mrs. Amposah landed a heavy slap on her
"Where is the Money?" she asked again looking more

To be continued....