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Dear boyfriends and girlfriends,

If your primary reason of having a girlfriend is because of sexual satisfaction, what you need is a prostitute you can pay for sex and not a girlfriend. It is not a MUST that your girlfriend must give you sex. She can only have sex with you if she wants to and not that it is one of her primary obligations in a dating relationship. Stop seeing her as someone who you must have sexual benefits from. She is not your wife. Again, that you give her ... money does not mean she has to give you sex in return. You should give her money out of love and spirit of support not on the ground of trade by barter. She has the sole right not to have sex with you if she choose not to. The very moment you start seeing sex from her as a must, she stops being your lover and girlfriend and automatically become a prostitute. That is what prostitutes are known for - giving sex in exchange for money. Her love for you shouldn't be measured by how many times she have sex with you.

Similarly, if your primary reason of having a man as a boyfriend in dating relationship is to make him your Automated Teller Machine (ATM), - is for him to provide all your financial and material needs, you don't need a boyfriend. What you need is a father. He is who he is - your boyfriend. A boyfriend should not be your father. Your boyfriend is just there to give you your emotional needs and also to share his affection and love with you. That does not mean he should not give you money. The point is, if he has to give you money, he will do so out of love and support and not as an obligation. He is not obligated to you financially. It is not part of his primary responsibilities in a dating relationship. He could be your financial provider when he becomes your husband. Stop saying that, 'if you cannot provide my needs, why ask for sex from me?' The very moment you start reasoning like that, you have stopped being his lover and automatically become a prostitute. If he ask for sex, you can say NO but if you must say YES, see it as a sacrifice you are making for the person you love. Once you declare yourself a prostitute, don't complain if the only time he call you is when he wants to have sex with you. It is your own doing. Don't see his giving you money as a must simply because you are having sex with him. He has the right to give you money same way he has the right not to. If he gives, see it as an act of love and care and not as his obligation. bohemian styled items to wear of the wedding

The bottom line is, it is not a MUST she must have sex with you because you give her money nor is it a MUST that he must give you money because you have sex with him.

Responsibilities reserved for marriage shouldn't be mixed up with a dating relationship. They do not only differ in management but also in responsibilities and expectations. With that in mind, there will be less problems in issues related to sex and money and our expectations will be healthy and relevant.

Thank you!

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