black mermaid prom dresses

This morning Regg joins me in the shower and says, "Good morning, dimples."

I'm smiling. Blushing. Acting shy cause I still get the feels when he says something sweet.

Then I realize, I ain't got no dimples. Not on my face anyway.


So I scald him with the water and threaten to kick him in the know cause I need his testicles.

We get out and fight over the only clean towel cause I never do laundry.

Then we have to sit naked on the couch while our clothes dry cause... again... I never do laundry.

Bathed and dry and dressed, we leave extra early to make it on time, and spend 40 of the 65 miles, trying to figure out where to eat.

In between songs with made up lyrics, a terrible attempt at a Despacito duet, an argument over what part of the country a particular car came from and a few games of paper rock scissors, we made it. black mermaid prom dresses

That's a normal day for us.

We're a little weird.
We cuss a lot.
Laugh at everything--even when it's inappropriate.
Regg has a dirty mind.
I write dirty books.
We're so far from perfect...
But I think we'd be really good parents.

So I'm gonna be selfish and ask that you take some time out today to give us a thought or send up a prayer for God's will to be done.

Okay enough sappiness.

Look how cute my babies look in their little container!!!

And look at my smiling donkey!!

It's IUI day, y'all!!!

Bout to play some Marvin Gaye and get it on!!

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