affordable wears for bridesmaid

Thompsons are a disgrace
My cousin used them for her wedding and hubbys 40th in Jamaica Christmas ,not only did they manage to lose all of the wedding clothes inc the brides dress, there was a staff Xmas party where a security guard shot dead his girlfriends ex and the bullet also hit the woman's son. The thompsons rep wasn't to be seen for a couple of days after neither did they look after their guests. Everyone stayed in their rooms for the rest of the holiday and thompsons directors just brushed it aside and do not reply to anyone's calls or emails.. you have a duty of care for your customers that was totally neglected also not informing guests there was a shooting on the resort beach the year before. A 10% discount was offered for accommodation issues but nothing for the shooting incident which ruined the holiday.. too quick at getting people's money then no aftercare... affordable wears for bridesmaid