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Holly was seeming the heal up well after her surgery, however sometime after Monday, May 1st, this week her incision opened up. Which means her sinus cavity was exposed from the inside of her mouth.

I found it on Friday evening, but it was open anytime from Tuesday or Wednesday. She had been sneezing after eating and I finally checked inside her mouth. I called the vet assistant immediately, and she informed me that we should go to the ER vet asap. However I got a call back t ... hat Dr. Startup would come in on her day off Saturday morning to fix Holly's mouth.

Holly is doing well today. They gave her a lighter anesthetic so she is recovering quicker and with less side effects than before, which makes me much happier, and less stressed about her health. This is the 3rd time in a month that she's had to go under for a procedure. Unfortunately they had to take another tooth, and do some extra work because Holly's separated incision had started to heal well and wouldn't be able to be stitched up easily. DressAfford wedding party wears for bridesmaids in mint green

This is Holly before her procedure today. She is looking directly at me, because after 10 or so pictures I said, "Come on please, you gotta look at me for one picture." She cracks me up :)

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