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Alright I'll help out on some fitness stuff. So read up on this post. You'll learn a lot!

Your body vs somebody else's

-You need to understand that your body is different from somebody else's. Your genetics are completely different. And the way you get a healthy body or healthy muscle growth is a lot different than how somebody else gets theirs. What one persons workout does for them or what they eat might not work for you. That's why it's important that you find what does work best for your body.

8,000 calories vs 3,000

-Many times you might hear that someone such as a bodybuilder will eat 6-8,000 calories a day. What you don't know is whether or not those calories are healthy calories or junk food. 3,000 calories is a lot for eating a healthy diet. And you gain so much more from healthy foods rather than junk foods. And too much calories equals too much stress on your body. Mainly your heart.

Empty calories vs a calorie

-Empty calories are calories that have no nutrition value to you. You're body can only get so much energy from those calories as well. Whole foods/ whole calories are healthy foods/ calories.


-Understand that supplements are not used to replace meals they are meant to supplement you and your body. Only take what you need. Most athletes muscle stacks include fish oil, multivitamin, BCAA's, aminos, and probiotics. Most athletes don't even take protein supplements they would rather get it through food which is a wiser chose.

But my personal trainer said!

-Quit listening to these personal trainers. Most of them are shit. They are there to make you spend your money on supplements you don't need. Most trainers are at their place of work not to help you, but for money. They load you up on supplements and crazy diets to follow. Then they charge you $100-$1000 to be trained or even to lift with them for 6-8 weeks. It's all bullshit. While there are great trainers out there looking to help you make sure you know the trainers that just want your money. DressAfford two piece items for homecoming party

The best trainers

-The best people to lift and learn from are lifters in small gyms like rec centers, anytime fitness, etc. NOT VASA. Most lifters at small gyms go there for how quiet it is and that they can focus on what they're doing, and most are willing to train you for free and teach you the ins and outs.


- There is no such thing as a plateau. Plateau means that you are leveled out. Your muscles don't just stop growing. Your progress just slows down when your body is used to what your doing in the gym. Switch up your workouts and days to keep progressing.


-GO TO BED! Sleep is the most important part of recovering and getting more muscle growth along with diet and exercise. You don't grow in the gym, you grow while resting.


-Drink lots of water about a gallon a day. Your body is mostly water that includes your muscles. You need a lot of water.


-Exercise is important for abs. But abs are made in the kitchen. You actually don't need cardio to lower your body fat to see your abs. Weight lifting alone with an elevated heart rate is enough to act like a HITT cardio and do the job. But what you eat is a reflection of how you will look. So abs are made in the kitchen. Take a look at the fitness person ZYZZ who achieved an aesthetic body off of healthy dieting, weightlifting and no cardio.


-patience is key! Don't get in a hurry to be fit. It doesn't happen overnight so stick with it and in time you will get to where you want to be. But you need to have a goal as to how you want to be and look and don't lose track of that vision. Be patient and you will reek the benefits.