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This is a post that some of you are not going to like me for, but it needs to be said. So, put down the Diet Coke and have a listen!
Artificial sweeteners are absolutely horrible for you. They wreck your gut and they make you gain weight.

Yes indeed, contrary to what many big companies have been pushing for the past 35 years, there is nothing 'diet' about 'diet sweeteners'. More and more studies are showing that not only do artificial sweeteners confuse your body into glucose intolerance, but now we are learning just how harmful they are to your gut.

First, understand that they are called zero-calorie sweeteners because they pass into the gut undigested (hence not providing any calories), but it is here in the gut that they do untold harm. Your gut should contain a healthy microcosm of billions of bacteria in certain ratios. These are important - 80% of your immune function comes from your gut. We know that skinny people have different types and amounts of these gut bacteria than their overweight brethren. We know from animal studies that they can take the bacteria from a fat mouse and put it into a skinny mouse and the skinny mouse will get fat (and vice versa). We know that science is feverishly working on probiotic blends designed to restore the healthy 'skinny' bacteria in your gut for targeted weight loss. We also know that if you give certain antibiotics to fat mice fed artificial sweeteners, it kills the negative imbalance of bacteria and they start to lose weight again. In studies, using a single type of artificial sweetener changes the balance of over 40 different types of bacteria in your intestine, allowing the types that are very toxic to your health to flourish. DressAfford red prom formal wears of lace

Have you ever watched a parent or senior friend recently diagnosed with diabetes, and the first thing they do is start adding artificial sweetener to everything and they carry around pocketfuls of diet candy. You probably noticed that they started gaining weight and they started getting a myriad of other health problems in short succession. There is a reason for that -- and artificial sweeteners is it!

To put it bluntly, your body doesn't know how to deal with them. If you are craving a sweet item, have a small amount of real sugar or some stevia, you can process that! Better yet, wean yourself off of so many sweets so you don't crave them so much