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Aluminum build-up in the system, we're discovering, could be one of the leading causes for Alzheimer's and dementia. And pretty much everyone in America is consuming it, on some level, on a daily basis.

Aluminum, the article below reads, "is found in aluminum foil, cans, baking powder, cosmetics, cheese, fireworks, dental amalgams, deodorants, drugs, toothpaste, pesticides, pollution, table salt (you can substitute with natural sea salt), nasal spray, cookware, vehicle exhau ... st, aspirin and more.

"Aluminum can cause learning disabilities, Alzheimer's, dementia, dry skin, anemia, headaches, liver dysfunction, memory loss, Parkinson's, heartburn, peptic ulcer, psychosis, Aluminum tends to accumulate in the kidneys, liver, brain, reproductive organs, muscles, stomach. Some of the common symptoms of aluminum are headaches, abnormal heart rhythm, depression, blurred vision, numbness in hands and feet." DressAfford chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous

However, it's not just aluminum. It's a whole slew of heavy metals. And they are friggin' everywhere.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to flush these metals out of your system.

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