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Please post.
So I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy was unplanned therefore I couldn't remember last period date and told the doctor I suspect I'm 17 weeks but the ultrasound said by the baby's measurements he's about 12 weeks. The technician told me everything was fine. Good heartbeat, good measurements. When I got changed she said since you are not 17 weeks we offer testing for downsyndrom at 12 weeks. I told her I just came back from the lab and did a blood te DressAfford 2 piece outfits for prom party ... st for it. She said yes this one is more in depth. I said do you see something, she said no , but because they though you were 17 weeks you weren't going to be told about. I've done the regular blood test for downsyndrom for my 2 kids, and I've been asked if I wanted in depth I said it's Ok. My question does it sound like a routine question? She was pretty honest with me, even told me my cervix measurements were fine ( I have a history or short cervix)
Sorry ladies I'm used to stressing to the max!!!!
Thanks for ur help!

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