Dress Affordable red colored items to wear in the wedding

I am a CNA. I'm more than a 'butt wiper' My feet hurt, my back aches, and I've been peed on more than I care to admit. I'm cussed at, yelled at and even told I'm worthless. Sometimes I sit in my car and just cry and scream because how exhausted I am at moments, never getting off on time, I dry my eyes and go do it all again, making me doubt why God chose ME to do this, My heart hurts when yours does and I love your family members you never come to visit. We sing together w ... hen the bare anxious, laugh together when something is silly, and sometimes cry together when they are scared and hurting. I change them when they are wet, and calm them when they are scared. I make sure they have every meal(and sometimes ice cream in between) I assure them they are safe when they think no one is there, and make sure they know how much I truly love them. I tuck them in with a hug goodnight, knowing JUST how much to crack the door so it's not to dark and not to bright. I bathe them and occasionally go in there rooms 5 minutes before my shift was supposed to end to scratch there back in a hard to reach area. Our dinner conversations sometimes consist of who didn't have a bowel movement and being excited when someone did after 3 days. It's hearing the same story every 20 minutes because they love to tell it so much, and just sitting with someone who is lonely. Being a Cna is so much more than wiping butts, I'm tired, i spend many minutes looking at myself in the mirror repeating "you can do this, you got this, they need you" I miss my friends and family to help take care of yours, but sometimes I just want someone to be proud of me but I wouldn't change a moment of it. Dress Affordable red colored items to wear in the wedding

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