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Well selected Homoeopathic remedies are effective for managing Pitted keratolysis. Some of the important remedies are given below-

SILICEA 200- Silicea is one of the top remedies for smelly feet with offensive sweat. The feet becomes icy cold with copious sweat. Another leading character is presence of offensive sweat on feet which is acrid, itching and destroying shoes. There is soreness in soles from instep through to the sole. Pits and exfoliation of ... the skin are seen on the sole.

BARYTA CARBONICUM 200- Baryta carb is another effective remedy for Pitted keratolysis with offensive foot sweat, especially in children. There is cold, foul foot sweat, the feet is cold and clammy. Toes and sole sore, soles painful on walking. Soles feel hot or bruised at night during sleeping. Most of the Baryta carb children are suffering from chronic throat complaints. Dress Affordable midi sleeved wedding wears in knee length

GRAPHITES 30- Graphites is best for smelly feet with fissures, cracks and pits in soles and in between toes. The sweat is foul and excoriating , worse in evening. The feet is cold and wet. The acrid foot sweat chafes the toes. Habitual constipation is present in Graphites patient.

CALCAREA CARB 30- Calcarea carb is prescribed where sour foot sweat is present on the feet. Soles of the feet feel raw. Burning of soles of feet. Calcrea carb is suited to fat , flabby persons.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 200- Lycopodium is best for smelly feet with profuse foot sweat. There is pain in the heels and soles while walking. In Lycopodium one foot hot and other cold. Lycopodium patients prefer warm drinks and food. They have a craving for sweets.

ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 200- Antim . crude is considered a good remedy for Pitted keratolysis where the skin on soles is withered on account of foot sweat. The feet is very sensitive due to the presence of large horny places.

SEPIA 30- Sepia is effective for smelly feet with offensive foot sweat. There is itching, stinging and burning ulcers in the toes and heels. The itching is not relieved by scratching. There is pricking and burning sensation of feet.There is profuse or offensive perspiration of feet causing soreness in heel and between toes.

SULPHUR 200- Sulphur is another effective medicines for smelly feet with icy cold feet with an offensive sweat. The foot feels sore from the top through to the sole. Sulphur patient put the feet out of bed due to excessive heat in soles at night.

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