50s vintage style wedding selections calf length

Thank god I have no friends, but people like to creep on me, so you ease drop you hear bad things. Jackie is the most wonderful man in the world. He loaned his pt to someone and it came back with a blown motor, he spent two weeks in 100 degree weather baling hay for not his cows, he hasn't been to a doctor in 4 years because we can't afford it.

Me I'm a bitch, but every dime I make goes on someone else, not me. I have had a new pair of jeans in three years, and I traded those in for jackie a pair. I catered two weddings, a thought I was doing a third. I was going to offer my wedding dress, but who could cut a 16 down to a 8. I was doing the decorations all in longhorns, even setting a special spot for mamma and papa. But, I can't get to know the groom, he believes everything the bride says. Well, bride, you can't by love. 11000 dollars won't by love and if it takes that he doesn't love you. I thought he did, I thought he was perfect, but I guess this fifty year old woman was touching him to much. 50s vintage style wedding selections calf length

You have you awning or whatever it's call, dad was out tell ten thirty, paid 190 dollars for it, but he got it. Won't you just say you don't want me there.

The center piece was going to be longhorn, the his and her chairs were going to be longhorn. Alot of the appetizers were going to be long horn.

You have now bills, where did 11000 dollars go. It wasn't your feed bill, it was you wedding venue, where did it go?

Love, the bitch.